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Romain Feillu (Professional Cyclist at VacansoleilDCM Pro Cycling Team):

On Thursday april 11th 2013 I crashed in the fi nal of the GP of Denain. The
consequences from the crash were an important muscle rupture (6-7cm) in my
vastus laterallis in my left leg.
After visiting the hospital, the conclusions from the doctors were:
about 3 weeks without bike and 2 months out of competition.

The physio coördinator from VacansoleilDCM Pro Cycling proposed me to use
B-E-St by Jeecee, a device that is really able to accelerate the recovery.
I took it as a chance to recover faster, in the beginning i thought that B-E-St by
Jeecee could be good device, but nothing magic..
At the moment I received the device, I was not able to walk more than 100

From the moment I started to use B-E-St by JeeCee, I felt progress! After 3
days (using the device for 3 hours each day). I was able to walk without pain!
4 days later I was back on my bike and after 12 days of training I was back in
competition in a good shape! I fi nished the 3 days of the Tour of Picardie
(10-12 May 2013) in a good position.

So after only 4 weeks (instead of 2 months) I was back in competition!
My physio and my personal doctor were both very surprised by the
unbelievable quick recovery.

It was a very good experience for me to use B-E-St by JeeCee. It is very easy to
use, you do not feel any pain and it is easy to take the device with you.

Romain Feillu

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